Each year the Parish Schools’ Board sets the school fees and parents are sent accounts three times a year. Every attempt is made to keep fees at an affordable and realistic level. A schedule of fees is available from the school office.

Any parent experiencing a problem with paying fees is encouraged to contact the School Principal to discuss options for a part-payment or concession.


Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment of fees is subject to certain General Requirements as per the Enrolment Form. Parents are asked to select a schedule of payment best suited to their circumstances, at the START OF THE SCHOOL YEAR or TIME OF ENROLMENT, and to adhere to that schedule throughout the year. A program of fortnightly payments is strongly recommended as a means of linking fee servicing with regular income such as wages, Family Allowance etc.


Payment Methods

a. Through the School Office.
b. Periodical Payments from your Bank, Building Society or Credit Union.
The fees, as set out, are the STANDARD fees which families in receipt of a reasonable income are expected to pay. These STANDARD fees may not necessarily be APPROPRIATE for all families, some of whom may be experiencing difficult circumstances. In such cases we encourage families to arrange for a confidential appointment with the Principal to discuss the matter.